Grain Baggers and Extractors

Uskladnění zrnaStorage of grain and other crops in the Grain Saver system is a cost-effective, flexible and mobile solution for modern farms. The storage system was originally developed in Argentina some ten years ago and has since spread throughout the world. We have developed the system for European conditions and have brought forward solutions for storage of both dry and wet grain. Product development and production is under our control. We call our full concept “the Grain Saver” which incorporates all features learnt during recent years in European climatic conditions.

Grain storage in a modified atmosphere

The use of the Grain Saver System and silo bags, means storing in a modified atmosphere, unlike such storage solutions as flat-storage, metal bins, concrete silos and similar, where oxygen is constantly in contact with the grain. You can store both wet and dry grain in the Grain Saver System, but the technology is different for the two options.

What happens during grain storage system Grain Saver

Much of the oxygen is removed already upon bagging, remaining oxygen is consumed successively in the silo bags by the grain, fungi and insects and hence oxygen is transformed through cell breathing into carbon dioxide. Roughly, after 30 days, a balance is reached between oxygen concentration and that of the carbon dioxide. After about 45-50 days, cellular respiration, in principle, come to a standstill and the silo bags is now so full of carbon dioxide that hardly any insects has survived inside the silo bags.

The technology to be selected is entirely dependent on subsequent use; For example acid preserved whole grain is considered to be well suited for use in wet feeding systems for pigs while the crimped grain have their main supporters in the milk-, beef- and sheep production, often in combination with mixer wagons. The dry grain on the other hand, can be sold for the livestock sector, to millers, for the storage of seeds, malting barley etc. which creates greater flexibility and keeps more doors open for the producer.

The main advantages of storing dry grain with the Grain Saver System

  • Low initial investment costs for the storage system.
  • Extremely high capacity of storing and extremely cost-effective technique to store marginal yields that would otherwise require enormous investments to manage in traditional systems.
  • Improved harvest logistics – grain is readily placed in safe storage, costly transports in season can be run later in season when cost of logistics are often significantly reduced.
  • Improved working environment; the work takes place outdoors in the fresh air and not indoors in dusty environment.
  • Increased flexibility in a volatile world market; giving farmers the opportunity to sell cereal when prices are high and store when prices are low.
  • Great flexibility to store a variety of crops, even in very small volumes which contributes to – and makes feasible - a more flexible and market-adapted crop rotations.
  • Problem with insects in long-term storages and needs of disinfection disappears because no storage bins or premises are left untidy prior to season.

Uskladnění zrnaUskladnění zrnaUskladnění zrnaUskladnění zrna



Grain Bagger D9


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Grain Extractor Koyker

koykerGrain bag extractor with the highest extraction capacity on the market. A Professional model for large-scale activities with an extraction capacity of over 200 tons per hour. Grain extractor with reversible loading auger and automatic reeling of the silo bag.

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