Crimping machines, grinding machines (corn and cereal)

Mobile grinder baggers GB6 are now the new generation of modern storing of fodder in bags. These machines combine already a number of functions . They serve for wet corn crimping, application of preservatives and storing in bags. We offer you these machines already in a number of modifications that will address both small farms and big service companies.

Wet corn crimping is very popular these days mainly in light of savings of the secondary costs as e. g. corn drying and finishing drying. Corn is harvested with moisture 30-40%. With an earlier harvest is a field ready for its next use earlier as well. Wet corn harvesting is less dependent on weather. When you store crimped corn in bags you prevent formation of fungus and losses of the energetic values of fodder.

The dominating factor of these machines are crimping units with cylinders of diameter 400mm that guarantee a high capacity. The crimping units have massive bearing houses for a long lifetime. The cylinders are driven by a cogged belt that ensures a silent and smooth machine run. The cogged belt does not have to be lubricated, therefore it is maintenance-free and at the same time environment-friendly which is an important aspect nowadays.


EC 42 / EC 44

DSC_0416-800Eurobagging introduces a new machine for crimping and storage of cereals. The Eurocracker EC42 and EC44 have a new system of crimping where discs shaped blades have been applied.


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