PF 2017

pf-2017Dear customers, business partners and friends,

thank you for your support and cooperation in 2016.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


New smallest haylage bagger for farmers

We have new product in line of silage baggers, smallest machine EB 310 LS which we have tested at Czech farmer. The machine was succesfull and customer has liked a lot the conception of the bagger.

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New tool for closing of bags with POLYFASTENER

ZIP system for closing of bags under name POLYFASTENER since many year which seals the bags greatly and even saves bag´s film thank´s to which ZIP system you don´t need so much films as with another closing solution.

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Grass silage has been started with new machines EB 310 LG

We have put on operation two new machines EB 310 LG in Slovakia. Both machines are innovated.

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The machine CM 2,4 in South Africa

This week we have put in operation the first CCS composting machine CM2.4 in South Africa.

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Thanks for TECHAGRO

Thanks for TECHAGRO

Dear friends and customers,

we are really glad that you visited us on TECHAGRO in Brno. It was the one of the biggest exhibition in Brno. We hope that you liked our exposition and that you will visit us on next exhibition.

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Export to South Africa

We had unusual export of machine CM 2,4 to Republic of South Africa the last week. The customers ordered this machine in full equipment. But the diametres of this machine wew not allowed to easy transport to the container so that we decided to the adjust the machine.

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