Airtight silage bags (silobags)



silazni_vaky_01Silobags from Eurobagging are the safest storage for silage, feed, cereals and by-products. Available in standard high quality and as an extra heavy duty bag for storage of wet products. Eurobagging is able to make bags at customer specification, and with customers’ logo. Feel free to ask for terms and conditions.

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Closing Silobags

To have material properly stored without air, the bag needs to be closed after fillingPolyfastener is the best solution.


Polyfastener is a very secure way to close silage bags airtight.  It consists of 2 parts: the channel and a locking insert. The silobag gest closed airtight between the 2 layers. It is packed in boxes with 75 meters rolls. Polyfastener is re-usable!

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Venting supplies

odvetravaniDuring first days after bag is closed some fermentic gasses can be produced which need to escape from the bag. Special vents can be placed in the bag to control the escap of thse gasses. The Vents can be opened and closed and are re-usable. There is a special tool for placinf the vent in the silobag.

PVC repair tape

For repairing holes or little demages there are 2 types of white repaire tape; 5 or 10 cm wide with a length of 10 meters in packages of 100 or 50 pieces.

Protective netting

Ochrana vaků

As a protection against sharp objects or birds there are 3 types of protective netting available:

  • Agrinet, sizes 8x50, 8x75 meters. Netting for protecting against birds. It has to be placed over the bag such a way to keep little distance between bag and the netting. The netting has a mesh of 12 x 12 mm.
  • Polytec, size 8x25 meter. Heavy fabric made of soft fibre which is able to be placed direct on the bag's surface.
  • Agrifill, strong and heavy fabric (225 g/m2). Optimal protection against birds and sharp objects. Sizes available:6x10, 6x25, 8x15, 8x25, 10x12, 10x15, 12x15 meter.

Sample pieces can be send upon request.


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