Silage bagger EB 308 LS

DSC_0374-1Our smallest silage bagger EB 308 LS is designed for farmers who don´t want to be dependent on contractors. With investment to EB 308 LS you may solve grass harvest, maize storage and another wet-product storage like sugarbeet pulps, brewery grain and additionally CCM. EB 308 LS is designed as well for composting of greenwaste in the bags.

Parameters of silage bager EB 308 LS

Silage bagger EB 308 LS is transported by tractor on all wheels and is designed for 20 km/h road speed. EB 308 LS has air-brakes or hydraulic brakes for transport on public roads. Drive-line of 2,35 m wide rotor is from tractor PTO shaft with 120-180 HP. Front and rear wheels are hydraulically turnable.


Innovative braking solution of silage bagger

It is very impressive braking solution with internal cable and wheels braking on EB 308 LS. You choice 3 different widths of the internal cable depending on bagging material – grass bagging on slim loop and the rest on wide loop. This system is very efficient and makes the bagging comfortable.






EB 308 LS - Technical data sheet