Silage bagger EB 310 LS


Silage bagger EB 310 LS is a universal machine for storing all different feed into plastic bags. It is designed for small and medium-sized farms or private farmers.

Parameters of silage bagger EB 310 LS

The 2.65 meters wide rotor of the machine is powered by a solid planetary gearbox. With such solid drive the machine can handle grass silage after the self-loading wagons and forage harvesters. In addition to grass silage the maize silage, sugar refinery chop, brewer’s draff or pressed grains can be also bagged. The machine’s standard equipment includes 2, 7 m chamber. However, the machine can be optionally supplied with interchangeable tunnels of the following sizes: 2, 4 and 2,7m or 2,7m a 3,0m.

A tractor towed machine is attached to the tractor’s upper hitch and is approved for public road transport at the speed of 20 km/h.

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Photogallery of silage bagger EB 310 LS

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